1. Laurel.

    I had my own “I want to kill the arsewipe” moment today.

    I was listening to Fox FM, much as I hate it… it happens when my daughter gets control of the radio in the car.

    So the DJ is talking to a lady on the phone about the fires and she’s pretty emotional because a total stranger saved her home from the fires… he stood guard with a garden host for the 45 minutes it took the CFA to show up.

    You can imagine what that must have been like.

    Anyway, the dickwad Fox FM “must always be cool for the kiddies” DJ replied with (something to the effect of):

    “So if you can ever find that guy again, given how much he did for you… will you put out for him?!”

    So here’s this poor lady talking vulnerably about a bloke saving her home, and the filthy-minded Fox FM DJ can do no better than think about sex?

    Here’s what I’m wondering… is it a *policy* with these “youth-oriented” radio stations (certainly those Austereo ones, anyway) to demand that their hosts punctuate every damn paragraph with smut?

    I was so utterly disgusted. The lady didn’t know what to say and said something about the guy being married with three kids, and the co-host (a woman) tried to steer the conversation to something else.

    I mean, that dipshit should be fired. Fair dinkum.

    (Feeling much better after that rant.)


    (alicam on Twitter)

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  2. Hey,

    I’m the aforementioned Wibbler that prompted that blog post.

    I’m unbelievably sorry that it caused offance. The very nature of automation is it lack the discernable human element, and in this case it’s gone horrifically wrong.

    In fact, I set up the automation just to see what it could do, and completely forgot about it. I will turn it off now.

    Anyway, short version: sorry.

    1. ack I thought something like that might have happened. We all get caught from time to time testing things out. Still, a nice lesson for the readers 🙂

  3. Laurel when I said “now you have something to blog about” I meant that there was something positive you could do with this unfortunate use of social media – help educate people to be better people, and better social media users.

    NOBODY comments on your blog as frequently as I do. And I comment because I enjoy reading the content. So please accept my apology if I offended you, it was not my intention.

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  4. Hi Laurel

    I’ve been following you for a few weeks now on Twitter and reading your blog too which I’m enjoying.

    Firstly, it is a very sad state of affairs here in Victoria and the devastation caused by the bushfires is horrendous to say the least. It will take something for the people directly affected to get back on their feet.

    As for the bots, it just goes to show that in this case, there is definitely no room for them on Twitter. Hopefully Wibbler and similar tweeps will turn their automated tweets off.

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  5. Hi Laurel

    A quick one on a semi related human intervention.

    A HR guy who is very active on a number of social sites including his own blog, emails everyone on his network everytime he has a new post on his blog. (Hello…RSS?)

    I used to read the odd post but began not really diggin his style or his subject matter.

    This morning I unsubscribed after 2 years.

    I have met him at industry events twice in ten years so not overly familiar.

    He rang me on my mobile an hour later and asked why I had un subscribed.

    I think that shows bad form. What about your thoughts.


  6. Sadly it’s not even bots…

    Twittered this morning with info about the website where you can volunteer (it’s http://www.govolunteer.com.au if interested) and added the note that the Volunteer Australia Organisers have asked for patience as frontline services are full but you will be very needed in coming weeks.

    Got a human reply from @Jooners with them linking to some stupid list service thing they sell.

    And I quote: ‘@mrpaulb Great effort. Kudos. Now that the front lines are full, use http://www.jooners.com to streamline the volunteers (and a link)

    Spamming strangers in a difficult time – nice one.

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