Scott Pape @ScottPape of accidentally blocked a bunch of followers and was trying to work out who he had blocked. “It appears that one of my guys has accidently blocked most of my followers by using a 3rd party app. I’m a technophobe – can anyone help?” Now I’ve blocked thousands of spammers and around 5 trolls so I thought it would be cool to find a list somewhere.

Which is where I ran into trouble.

TwitBlock block list on twitter has a list – you click on “blocking 1234” and it should give you a list. Doesn’t work for me – possibly because I have 20k+ of followers or am blocking so many spammers? Let me know if it works for you.

untweeps who do you block on Twitter?

UnTweeps came back “0 found” which was less than helpful. Again it could be the numbers my account connects to, so your mileage may vary.

I also tried but it looked a bit dodgy. I changed my password when it looked  like it wouldn’t work. Ditto  YMMV.

So, all in all very unsatisfactory.  Do YOU have a better block list tool? Who is blocking you/you are blocking? Surely the API is still working – does anyone have news that it has been turned off?