1. Hey Laurel
    I signed up but am yet to post – bit too shy. Very interesting idea, and I’ll be posting soon and keeping an eye on what everyone else has to say. And oh yeh, not all us marketing types are bad guys. Some of us do know that marketing is a dirty word 🙂

  2. Hello Laurel, was fascinated to follow this in the UK this AM.

    Just a question, do you see this as an Aussie initiative only (in which case I’ll gracefully withdraw)…or is it open for all, in which case WPP watch out!

  3. Thanks guys,

    And Mr Cow, sure it’s international (.com not .com.au). Sir Martin is vying to buy us 😛

  4. “and it occurred to me – what if Australia’s best strategic talent were hangin’ out on Twitter, havin’ a rare ol’ time? And what if their combined reach was more powerful than heritage media (radio, tv, print ads, street furniture, and drinkies for media types)?”

    c’mon … seriously?

    interesting concept but a bit off for mine.

  5. Ok, Ben let’s go through this again 🙂
    Australians spend more time online than they do watching TV (neilsens). Print ads are dropping 14% per quarter for a reason (newspaper assoc of america). Twitter is full of media types and top bloggers. Warner bros told 7 bloggers about a new product and got 30 million media impressions. Twitter has some very creative social media types. Surely they can come up with something, with the audience they command, and as brand influencers?

    *shrugs* maybe this idea is early, but well, it could be the future.

  6. interesting stats but i think it’s ambitious right now for what is effectively a retail client.

  7. Cisco released their new router purely through social media. Pepsi have also done the same. Many companies are boasting that they are moving their budgets across from digital to social. Look at the crisis in the digital industry in Australia, and the layoffs.

    It may be ambitious but it may also show the way forward for the new new media agency. Then again, it might just be a bit of a laff 😛

  8. This is Interesting ….how blogs and micro blogs can do wonders, I have been decently active and decently active in social media and fiddled around with blogs etc in my last organization in India. Australian market seems to be embracing the concepts quiet well .. Found lots of financial institutions creating noises too…was wondering how best it can be used for Financial institutions. Any thoughts?

    Btw …can I say what Seth godin is to US you are to Australia? or it is irrelevant in connected world!

  9. Mmmm, novel idea but…won’t work.

    Corporations crave/need control. This is why they are a corporation, and not a ‘crowdsourced’ service provider..

    Good luck with it…with the spare time you have waiting for Vodafone to give you a call, have a look at some papers on corporate theory!!

    Great thinking though Laurel – now maybe if we looked at areas of the corporation that don’t need to be controlled…
    .-= Luke Harvey-Palmer´s last blog ..People buy People…NOT business plans! =-.

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