1. When Twitter account holders start looking at their followers as a “de facto mailing list” rather than individuals with an interest in what you say, I feel you have devalued the “connection” that Twitter gives you.

    Sure in 12 months time all may seem like a silly discussion, and my offer to follow people for a US$2 a month fee will be the norm *wink*, but when the marketers swarm in this sort of thing causes a stir.

    In short I think it is a pretty shitty thing to do, but I don’t think it will be the end of such behaviour.

  2. @colin aye, it’s the rocketboom audience mystique I guess 🙂

    @allison there is still a broadcast function to what ‘We Media’ do, particularly when we consider “social” in the context of “society” rather than the limited “friends”. So once Twitter brings in tagging of followers, we’ll have ‘friends’ ‘acquaintances’ ‘leaders’ ‘net stars’ and so on 🙂 It’s easier to handle the buying and selling of audience then, no?

  3. That’s crazy. More than 1k for an account – not even my personality. Can we buy personalities in the future?

    Even more ridiculous is http://www.alife4sale.com – auction Starts on 22nd June 2008 at Midday

    Crazy world..

  4. I wonder what Twitter what think of it. Wouldn’t the selling and buying of their accounts devalue their service?

  5. Selling tweets and their authors obviously made it glam, but the sale could have also been for a linkedin profile. It feels though as if there’s nothing inherently social about the monetisation of the account, as it was mainly derived from ‘friends’ or ‘contacts’ who were ultimately used as input without giving them the chance to opt in/out. A bit like getting referral bonuses from placing your relos on jobs with your employers, no? http://tinyurl.com/4l4wap

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