Twinity – Run SilkCharm Run – Berlin

The virtual world, Twinity, is still in Alpha – not even Beta yet, I think. If you want an invite to join the virtual world, email me (laurel at and I’ll send you a beta test invite. And you can facemap yourself onto your avatar. On second thoughts, nah, don’t do that. heh.

video: Spot the brands and… never get between SilkCharm and her chocolate.

Did you like the movie Run Lola Run? Well, Run SilkCharm Run was filmed by Gary Hayes entirely in Twinity (Berlin).

Machinima is a brilliant way of encouraging user generated content – and don’t forget, that anything created by the consumer is advertising you didn’t have to pay for.

But some tips: allow another point of camera view other than centered on the character. It’s hard to do dialogue or any kind of group action filming with everything pointing at ONE character all the time. The other issue is weather/time of day – yes just like any other filming. Give the members control over climate and sky and moon and stuff. It was tough going back to film some spots and realising it was now night time and having to wait…

Virtual worlds is in massive – and I mean massive – growth phase. Unlike the rest of the digital economy. I’ve seen stuff that would make your eyes pop out on stalks. Worlds in Facebook, Worlds on your mobile phone, worlds embedded on your blog, normal webpages turned into 3D worlds with people wandering over them.

… according to a trusted site on this topic KZero is well over 300 million people and in the 2nd Quarter of 2008, $161 million was invested in 14 virtual-worlds, the 1st Quarter $184 million put into 23 virtual worlds so the total this year alone to $345 million across 37 new worlds. (personalizemedia)

Don’t make assumptions on the past – virtual worlds have yet to come into their own. All Hail the Living Web.

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