Imogen Heap donates creative commons  song to Twestival (Twitter Festival) – for @johnlacey

Imogen Heap – The Song That Never Was


A short time ago, Imogen Heap took a few days out from making her new album to write a track that was supposed to feature at the end of TV programme. She wrote the song and recorded all the vocals, leaving the music for the composer who was writing the rest of the score so she could get on with her much anticipated new album. For one reason or another the song wasn’t used and so the track never got completed. But their loss is Twestival’s gain as she’s excitedly donated the aforementioned vocals for ‘The Song That Never Was’ experiment.

Imogen wants you to download the parts and add your own musical interpretation. You can then upload your mix to her SoundCloud Dropbox and put the best efforts up for everyone to listen to and enjoy. Simply preview the track below in the player and download the separate vocal stems as WAV audio. There’s a click track at 95bpm to help you out too. If you set your sequencer / DAW to this tempo, then place all the files so they start at bar 1, all the parts will be in sync and at the correct tempo.

If you are downloading the parts then please give generously to and leave a donation here or use our tipjoy widget on the right of this page.

The tracks in the player above all download as WAV audio. The streaming is for preview purposes only. If you want to download the vocal stems for specific sequencers we’ve also given you the following choices:

Vocal Stems in AAC for Garageband
Vocal Stems in MP3 for Logic
Vocal Stems in WAV for ProToolsHere are some words from Imogen herself and make sure you’re following @imogenheap on Twitter for her reactions to your entries!

“Hellooo! Dying to hear what you lot get up to with this song. It was for a kids film, so quite different from my other stuff but still I really like it and want it to live and dance about in your brains and on your fingertips. You can use the whole song as is, or one nanosecond of a waveform of my breath. Have fun with it!

Lots of love, immi xxx”

These vocals are not for commercial re-use and will be available until 12th March for the purposes of remixing and submission only. The date for all entries is 12th April.

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such a fanboi 😛

And we had that YouTube deleting kids vids of covers of Warner copyright songs and Imogen Heap discussion a few days ago. Here.

Thanks to @garyphayes who pointed it out to @SilkCharm… err that would be me.