Good thing time-shifting and form-shifting are becoming legal in Australia. Umm, isn’t it?

Tioti, an internet service that aggregates global TV content, is set to move out of beta testing in the next few weeks.

The service aims to break down the barriers of staggered international scheduling of TV series by providing links to file sharing sites and download sites where people can receive the latest content.

Paul Cleghorn, co-founder of Tioti, also plans to build a community around TV programmes and series. Fan pages exist for each show, allowing users to contribute content, a part of the service which will evolve to allow them to upload videos, said Cleghorn.

Tioti has been in beta testing with over 9,000 users and is likely to launch in the next few weeks. (from NMA e-newsletter)

The key statements above: aggregates global TV content, breaks down barriers of staggered scheduling, links to bitTorrent sites, user generated content and upload area and a TV online community.

Our television stations will be just thrilled to know that TIOTI stands for Tape It Off The Internet.