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  1. Hi Laurel,

    Been following you for a while on Twitter and keep meaning to ring you regarding consultancy for my business Inspired Adventures.

    Have booked onto this course, looking forward to it.


    1. Yay! I just tweeted that you commented on my blog about following on Twitter and now coming to course… * confuzzled* you know what I mean 😛 Looking forward to seeing you there.

  2. Hi Laurel,

    We are considering travelling down from Qld for this but, have a clash with a large project deadline. Do you think you will be rerunning the training at another time, or in Qld in the future?

    Many thanks,


    1. Wes, both hands on courses filled weeks ago 🙁
      But send me an email – – and I’ll tell you when the next one is. Probably August or September.

      … or read my blog. hahaha 😛

  3. Hi,
    I attended the seminar on Thurs and you mentioned a tool that enabled video uploads to lots of sites at once. Youtube mogul?

    where can I find it?

    ps. great talk, you’ve inspired me to start a blog 🙂

  4. hello,
    by reading your Training: Social Media Marketing Campaign course content , i have understood about target and accheivement of this course. but i have confused about how much will be success in my practical job. or it will be lost of money.

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