There’s a wild ride at the moment as traditional media slogs it out with social media. Stories that are popular in online communities become mainstream media news. And well, celebrities made by traditional media bite back in social networks. Take this case:

There’s some sort of sex scandal involving a young woman and an AFL player. Which pretty well covers the Sports News for any weekend in season but hey ho. Here’s Sandra Sulley from Ten News tweeting:

Sandra Sully Ten News tweet AFL

Now @Sandra_Sully is a well respected newsreader on TV. This tweet looks pretty normal – probably even written by a news intern, not necessarily Sandra. We are used to broadcast and with 15,000 followers, Sandra is in broadcast mode.

Unless of course the “girl at centre of AFL nude photo scandal” is herself on Twitter.

First we need someone to pass the information on, via a retweet or something.  Twitter is not broadcast so much as Ripple. Enter Mike Lynch:

Now check out her profile – complete with AFL logos and 20,000+ followers

Click for larger image

Kim follows up with:

Sick of seeing the words claims/allegations next to mine – RE: Nixon. Jesus! IT’S ALL TRUE, just wait – I’ll be ready to yell “TOLD YOU SO!” (tweet)

Mind you, young Kim is also a bit busy dishing it out to a Channel 9 Sports Journo Tony Jones.

There is so much in this last tweet. The “victim” of a traditional media news story has collected 20,000 followers and is giving an earbashing to one journo while responding to a broadcast tweet from a Newsreader all the time displaying the AFL logo for sh!ts and giggles.

What is this world coming to? Twitter: First with News. Egalitarian news at any rate.

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