Tourism Australia: There's Nothing Like…

Tourism Australia There’s Nothing Like… A Western Australia Tourism campaign called A Real Australian… (from exactly 4 years agoOpens in a new tab.)

In 2006,

Western Australia’s Postcard campaign. So cute. You pick a postcard and have to finish the sentence A Real Australian…” Do you like my entry? Wish me luck!

In 2010 from The AustralianOpens in a new tab.

THE world will be told “There’s Nothing Like Australia” after tourism bosses revealed the long awaited replacement for the widely criticised Bloody Hell campaign this morning.

Tourism Australia has chosen the line to anchor Australian tourism advertising around the globe for the next decade and are calling on Australians to help fill out the campaign with their own experiences and photos.

TA will rely heavily on the public to help promote Australia through social networking sites.

The campaign begins with a competition calling on Aussies to upload photos to a new website from April 15 and complete the line: “There’s nothing like…”.

Always nice to see how things progress. This time instead of THEIR images, you upload your own. And nice to see basics don’t change 🙂

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  1. Tourism Australia: There’s Nothing Like…: Tourism Australia There’s Nothing Like… A Western Australia Tourism camp… http://bit.ly/97cD0u

  2. Interesting to hear about the WA campaign..

    I think what would also save Australian tourism is a ban on those awful tacky 1980’s postcards that are still in circulation at newsagents and tourist shops! What a worse way to promote our wonderful country than send someone a postcard of a blonde running down the beach in waist high fluoro bathers!

  3. Regardless of the derivative nature of the campaign “There’s Nothing Like Australia” doesn’t give anyone any good reasons to visit Australia, it’s devoid of creativity and reminds me of some phrase that might have appeared on the brief somewhere rather than as a tag. Associate the brand with something positive!

  4. There’s Nothing Like It — Coca Cola ad 1923. That’s also retro.
    @Ian C. Those cards: they are also ‘retro’ 🙂
    @John Lacey: All the ‘testimonials’ sent to TA will be vetted three times before going live, according to management. If the campaign is a success, it will be a very labour intensive affair vetting all the entrants. And, hey, wait a moment, did they say ‘vetting’ — does this not lead to censorship accusations? If it does they will soon be tossing another CEO on the barbie.

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