First, the most important thing, from Read Write Web Article, BlogHer: Who Are Your Favorite Women Bloggers? (Thanks Marshall Kirkpatrick!!)

Laurel Papworth, SilkCharm, a fabulous Australian social media consultant I’ve just recently discovered.

Finally my fabulous-ness is recognised. Heh. Who do you think is an awesome female blogger – (that list is not only Australian females, so anywhere really)?

Or, how about an Australian female blogger? No, dear, don’t tell me, go to ReadWriteWeb and tell them (hint: check out Meg Tsiamis site Blogpond Top 100 Australian Blogs and
Top Australian Women Bloggers at CrazyMeezer or I’ve shot up to number 14 on their site o.O Wow!

Mine is Mystic Medusa, she writes for The Australian, the horoscopes section. But she’s kooky and out-there and they probably don’t count weirdo Astrologers. Heh. *waves* Hi MM!

Also from Marshll of ReadWriteWeb:

The Blogher conference for and about women bloggers kicks off today in San Francisco and in honor of this important event, we decided to share some links to some of our favorite women bloggers here at RWW.

Gender is an important lens through which people communicate and that’s still the case online. Below are links to some of our favorite women bloggers and some favorites from some web celebs you may or may not know. We hope you’ll visit their sites and add more of your favorites in the comments. (my boldness)

Yes Please do add more favourite female bloggers in their comments section.