To make sure that all the things I learnt at ASTRA last Thursday don’t go in one ear and fly out the other – as is their wont – I’m heading off for an evening of schmoozing at The Shelbourne:

Want to start up your own TV station?

With improvements in bandwidth and a doubling of broadband subscribers over the last year, it’s possible to broadcast video over the internet and capture a share of the market. With clever technology, broadband subscribers can enjoy quality video even when it’s played through a regular television set.

Viewers are abandoning traditional free-to-air TV preferring to watch online content wherever and whenever they want to. Recently, when 300 attendees at an industry forum were asked if they watched the evening news, only 5 put up their hands. A revolution in the distribution of video over the internet has begun.

Hear how local broadcasters and industry professionals are moving this space forward. Learn about the Australian business models for internet broadcasting, and how to deal with the technical and legal challenges.

AIMIA NSW Intimates is a forum intended to give attendees valuable knowledge about the digital media industry. You are invited to come and listen to 5 panelists, handpicked for their expertise on the topic, give you the low down. Ask questions via SMS from the floor and join in the lively discussion.

When & Where

Tuesday, 20th March, 2007
The Shelbourne Hotel, Altitude Level, 200 Sussex Street, Sydney.

6.30pm for 7.00pm start.
7.30pm Your chance to ask Qs and then back to mingling
10:30pm bar is closed.

Ian Gardiner, Tom Kendall, Martin Wells, Phil Morle, Mark Pesce

Scott Bradley-Pearce

I hope the diet cola is chilled this time.