1. It’s clever, quick and ideal of a viral campaign. It’s worked as fare as I can tell. Well you blogged about it, so did at least 10 other people I read. It’s interesting how the viral effect works and can be often stronger than traditional adverts.

    Personally it’s not that offensive.

  2. Finally a brand that understands your target audience dont care about ‘social rules’ so why should you.

    As I posted in this blog http://deancollinsblog.blogspot.com/2007/06/marketing-borders-no-longer-exist.html when your customer isn’t Mrs Smith, 50, Petersham (gets 90% of her marketing from TV and the weekly local paper) then you dont really need to conform to her sense of sensebility.

    Having said that….I think that the Tom Ford campaign is a shitty example of this and poorly executed. Whilst you’ll get the ‘views’ (heck I even replayed it twice…at least 🙂 – I dont see this translating into sales…. better luck next time guys.

    Dean Collins

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