1pm Sydney time, which is 11am Perth time.

You’ll be able to download it later at 2webcrew.thepodcastnetwork.com – but why not join us for live chat at ustream.tv/channel/2web-crew-live ?

There will be me, finding her feet. And Techcrunch’s Duncan Riley, Norg’s Bronwen Clune, and TPN’s Cameron Reilly and some mystery guest with some major announcement that we’re not allowed to talk about. Well, let’s be honest, I probably would let it slip – Blabbermouth of The Internetz here – but they won’t tell me who s/he is. Grrrrrr.

If you have a question you want answered, and can’t use the chat channel at 1pm Sydney time, please feel free to ask it here. Or maybe on twitter – we are @silkcharm, @duncanriley, @cameronreilly and @bronwen See y’all online later *waves*

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