… or not. Swapthing might just be your thing!

Whatever you celebrate throughout the winter holiday season (that’s our stab at fitting into these politically correct times), there is plenty of gift exchanges going on. When it comes to gift giving our loved ones have good intentions, but sometimes they just don’t get it right (a good poker face comes in handy at times like these). What might not be your cup-of-tea could be a treasure to someone else.

Like Ebay, Swapthing has a forum. That means talking, gossiping, communicating and return visits. The forum is called “Gifts that make you go Hmmmm… (my thing for your thing)” – its been up about a week and doesn’t have a lot of posts. This site should instead be presenting itself as a perfect example integration of the comments/forums into the listing of the product itself. People should be able to look at the Bad Religion Concert T-shirt and then reminisce (or otherwise) in a comment on impulse buying at outdoor trashy music events! Not have to go looking for forums to give their two pennies worth.

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