Tis the Season for Gaming… PS3 Home

We got a Playstation 3 (on loan!) yesterday. Love it. But this advice is for all games boxes/consoles/whatnots over the “Tis the season to be gaming” holidays.

Getting the your little darlings a PS3 for Christmas? Planning on having “Home” -the social virtual world – act like a babysitter while you get squiffy with your sister, gramps and the outlaws?

I really really suggest you take the box into work or somewhere with a fast connection THIS WEEK. Get ALL the downloads and updates (it will take 24 hours at least). You thought forgetting batteries was bad? Wait until you find out how hard it is to get connected, stay connected and update the bloody thing.

I doubt you will be able to connect onto Home at all on Christmas Day. Better get Assassins Creed (smaller updates). Assassins Creed update only took 1/2 an hour to download. The Playstation O/S update was OVERNIGHT and Home STILL hasn’t updated (around 48 hours). Not sure if this is international or just Australia having a problem – anyone know?

Imagine all those sad, disappointed little faces looking up at you, wanting you to fix it, get a game working, show them that you love them. You’ll pack them, and the Playstation up, and spend Christmas Day looking for a T1 fast connection – and it probably still won’t update.

Forget updating the o/s, forget updating Home – get an older game like Assassins Creed (and if you can, update it sneakily this week, before Xmas Day).

After all, nothing says Christmas like the sound of people being stabbed. *sharpens her blades* While you’re carving up the turkey, the kids are carving up The Brotherhood. Thank me on Boxing Day… if you survive…

Laurel Papworth

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7 thoughts on “Tis the Season for Gaming… PS3 Home

  1. *crosses John Lacey off the ‘nice’ list and put’s him on the ‘naughty’ list*

    *checks it twice*


  2. Since my wife and I became parents, we’ve been marveling at all of the various problems (most of them technology-induced) that our son will face that we simply didn’t have to deal with when we were little.

    I’ll have to add “Christmas gift OS updates” to that list. 🙂

  3. Rule one of buying anything technical: do not expect it to work when you first try to use it. If it does work straight away, it’s a bonus. Yep, it sure does suck on Christmas Day 😉

  4. I always download ps3 updates to my laptop then transfer them via data stick to the ps3.

  5. … ooooh ! I looked online for an update/FTP server but everything looked dodgy. Got a url? Instructions? Spare USB stick? 😛 Ok, I can manage the last… 😀

  6. This is just for the PS3 updat , not the games. Just go to the PS3 site. You have to save the download all in upper case though or the PS3 doesn’t recognise it. There are instructions on the official site.

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