1. Interesting point about tech support – one of our vendors’ tech support people is on Twitter (not “officially” but “personally”) and a couple of times we’ve been able to expedite some solutions because he and I ‘tweet’

  2. Until/unless there are real threaded discussions on Twitter, it’s just noise to me. It takes a peculiar kind of forced concentration to read all those tweets, one by one, searching for meaning or relevance…

  3. @ric yeah it’s saved my butt a few times now. not many social networks give me the ability to ask questions in realtime – sort of like “phone a friend”. Without having to phone around and see who is answering/on vmail/doesn’t know the answer.

    @steven noble News breaks first on Twitter. It’s also MORE passive. I can sit back/check in occasionally and see what the ‘net is buzzing about. Like a general IRC room. But I really do want tagging/tabs to thread out discussions. Sort of like private rooms in IRC (internet relay chat) or groups chat in virtual worlds (Second Life etc).

    I got used to scanning @name 20 odd years ago, so I can filter out the guff. But it does feel odd to be back here, doing it again, there should be better tools.

    The REPLIES tab is useful. I chuck out a question and check replies an hour later. Not too often, the community doesn’t respond well to ‘users’. I try to answer a few Q too 🙂

  4. Thanks for this blog post and it reminded me on the importance of the replies tab. Just found those that I missed because I wasn’t following them.

  5. you are welcome Janette. I just put a small EDIT in for #hashtags# – a way of threading out discussions. But I think you have to go to another site.

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