TeleResources pointed me towards The Australian IT story on mobile phone users/drivers creating a community to warn each other of police activity on the roads.

THE Queensland government is seeking advice on whether it can shut down a text messaging service which warns motorists of random breath test and speed trap sites.
Road Spy was launched yesterday on the Gold Coast by security company director Adam Bush.
Mr Bush said the SMS alerts, about the locations of RBT, radar and speed camera sites as well as traffic jams, would encourage motorists to slow down and deter then from drink driving.

It was only a matter of time. My money is on the mobile phone users, not the Gov. Bless.
Does anyone know if they are using GeoURL or location based services to flag the “problem” areas?

In the UK, the police post signs up warning of speed traps etc. It works, most of the time, making drivers slow down, keeping safety at the forefront of their thinking. I say “most of the time” cos I still lost a few points on a well known stretch near my home in Berkshire last year *rolls eyes*. Haven’t noticed too many warning signs back home here in Oz. Do the police warn of speed traps or is it a case of springing out, shouting “Boo! gotcha!” ?

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