An interesting enough video on it’s own – and it’s been seen 3 million times, favourited 13,500 times and 6000 comments.

But perhaps what we should pay attention to, are the 95 video responses to this ThisNThat Video and another one, Colour Monte (same trick). They have names like This N That revealed, This-n-that spoiler, learning thisNthat.

So my question is this. If YouTube members are willing to create videos explaining how a card trick works, do you think they would be willing to put up a video about your product or service if they considered it interesting, excellent or dodgy? Particularly percieved dodginess, nefariousness or just plain mixed signals. Yep, I’ve got an idea they would. Soooo have you looked on YouTube lately? Flickr? MetaCafe? Yahoo video? Best you do.