1. This has long been one of my fav TED talks.

    I reckon I was saying “there is no perfect pepsi, but rather there are perfect pepsi’s” for at least two weeks after i watched it.

    are you sure you want to watch lost, or do you want to watch lost’s

    i’m not taking my car to the car wash, i’m taking it to the car washes.

    repeat until your friends are sick of you.

  2. Ohh, and on a side note – i couldn’t help but fixate on Malcolm’s lankey fingers 🙂

  3. Ya I couldn’t stop watching his hands.

    CodingHorror wants to know if he’s had a haircut since 2004 (when the video was made).

    Actually he said “has he had his ‘fro manscaped” which I took to mean the same thing 😛

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