Technorati birthday and update

It’s Technorati’s 3rd birthday. I really do think they are a the next ‘thang’ after Google. Certainly they are leapfrogging in a direction that makes sense to me.

In June I blogged about their deal with Associated Press to deliver “the living blogosphere as a compliment to their (AP’s) core professional news product”.

We’re delighted to be working with the AP and thrilled that blogger voices will now be heard in several hundred local on-line news organizations across the USA. I believe that this is a deep validation of the power of citizen media and how each person is gaining more power – power to have their opinions and thoughts heard, in a truly democratic process.

Cool. Well now we know how Technorati spent the dosh they got from AP. It’s all here on the Technorati blog Technorati turns 3, rolls out a major update. The update includes:

So, in summary:
Technorati is 3 years old! What an amazing trip so far.

The World Live Web is all about people – We’re here to help make sense of all the interesting stuff we do in real-time.

Technorati’s rolled out a major update to our site and to our back-end systems.

We’ve made some major speed and accuracy improvements in core search.

Link counting is a lot more accurate and timely.

We’ve personalized the homepage so you can get a look at all the stuff you care about on one page.

While we love expert bloggers, we’ve also spent a lot of time making Technorati understandable to normal people.

We’ve added in lots of features to help you make sense of the blogosphere, including Discover, which is topic-based, Favorites, which gives YOU the power to pick your favorite blogs, and Popular, which algorithmically derives the most linked-to items in the last few days.

We’ve made some big changes to blog profiles – allowing you to get stats about any blog that Technorati tracks, including the tags used, posting frequency, traffic, and Technorati ranking.

We’ve made things easier for advertisers and partners, and we’ve been overwhelmed with demand. We’re building out our capabilities, and if you’re interested in advertising, drop us a line.

This is just a start – there’s more to come in the coming weeks and months, including better charts, more real-time spam detection and elimination, more real-time media indexing, microformats integration, and additional localization and language support.

One day I will go into very real, deep detail why Technorati is the way forward and why Google should be worried. But not today. Hint: It’s not about the search. Associated Press is just starting to get the picture. Do you?

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