1. Hmmmm, this innovation could have been influenced by a traditional book store as much as google or tagging. I worry about the latter, cause as hard as I try I cannot keep my del.icio.us bookmarks organised and have to search my bookmarks for things I have tagged! Any librarians reading?

  2. From my PoV I think it is definitely the tagging. I use Tiddlywiki for research notes and tags are definitely the way to go to organise information but after a while I am beginning to realise that once you get more than c 20 pages and 40 tags they need to be organised in themselves and also standardised otherwise I cannot remember them properly. Which leads to pages of tags or some other way of logically organising them. Which leads to a cataloguing system – thus we are back at Dewey.

    The problem with Dewey is that it is such a complex system (I know I have a second hand copy which someday I am going to use to organised my 100+ saved PDF’s).

    We’ll end up with the Dewey catalogue of tags

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