Target doesn’t want bloggers as customers

Target opens their legs – but not for bloggers

From NewsBusters:

Target department stores apparently haven’t gotten the memo that dissing the Internet and bloggers can be a dangerous game for a retailer these days. And, Target isn’t just dissing blogges and “non-traditional media” they might be claiming they won’t even interact with them. All this over a new advertisement that shows a woman in Winter clothing, spread-eagled atop the Target logo, the center of which appears right between the model’s spread legs. Just what the “target” here is, can be a pertinent question to ask and several consumer advocates are asking just that question.

When those consumer advocates did ask the question of Target, this is their response. (Hat tip to Lee Hopkins.)

“Good Morning Amy,

Thank you for contacting Target; unfortunately we are unable to respond to your inquiry because Target does not participate with non-traditional media outlets. This practice is in place to allow us to focus on publications that reach our core guest.

Once again thank you for your interest, and have a nice day.

Warner Todd Hudson is calling for outright BlogWars:

So, I’ve got a little advice for you Target. Why don’t you set your aim on the FUTURE! Stop imagining the Internet is just a few nuts that no one cares about. Your unconcern with “non-traditional media outlets” may come back to bite you.

Anyway, the key point is, if you blog, you aren’t a core guest or wanted customer at Target. Oh. *throws out most of her wardrobe* Heh

Love these examples of companies creating anti-marketing consumers who go to war with their brand. Viva La Web Revolution!

NOTE TO SILLY COMPANIES (no, not yours of course! )
Technorati: Currently tracking 112.8 million blogs and over 250 million pieces of tagged social media.
MySpace – dunno? How many blogs does MySpace have now? well over 100 million. Not many of them would be registered with Technorati. (Don’t forget, Facebook doesn’t have blogs, it’s a filtering not a (deep) content driven site. )

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5 thoughts on “Target doesn’t want bloggers as customers

  1. I posted an article on the community news blog Norg.com.au regarding some recent changes to the pricing structure of the Australian company Boost Juice and within a couple of days had a response and follow-up comment from an employee of the company clarifying some of the aspects of the changes; very impressed! I’m not sure it was an official communication coming from their marketing and communications section … nonetheless, the company responded.

    For Australian ISPs, it’s almost mandatory that they be involved in discussions on Whirlpool.net.au; they have 700 members online at the moment, and over 200,000 members registered. Australian ISPs simply cannot afford to ignore what happens in that forum.

  2. Hmmmm…well, I’m all confused, Target. Or should I say, Tar-jay, which is what most of my bloggy buds call you. We thought we loved you and that you loved us, too. The bitter taste of unrequited love.

  3. @Christine *sniffles* it’s..it’s it’s… so sad. *sobs* unrequited love and V..Va..Valentines Day coming up.
    *catty* well, their dvds weren’t that cheap anyway! 😛

    @Nathanaelb I agree wholeheartedly! In fact I’ve written about whirlpool.net.au a few times over the years. In the early 2000’s Hitwise called it the most influential source of news on Telecommunications, and it has more visitors per day than Optus sites and the same as Telstra (only 200,000 registered, but many visit just for the information).

  4. i only have 1 thing to say to you. Dump blogger.com and get a better host. Your content is good but readability is woeful. if you don’t know how to move your blog, just pay someone to do it. This is really not making you look good. Which is a real pity since you seem to have some interesting things to say.

  5. I’m happy with Blogger, and really dislike polished sites that are low on content and high on maintenance. In addition, I’m walking the walk, not talking the talk – distributed identity through creating content, conversations and filters on multiple networks. Plus, I’d have to also ditch the Pink Pixie and my giggling and sniggering. Ain’t gonna happen. 🙂

    If you are uncomfortable with user generated content sites, you might prefer the more sterile/professional site at laurelpapworth.com – it’s pretty new, I’m still uploading content, but it won’t offend your sensibilities. I doubt it will get you too excited, either, though. 🙂

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