Is that an iPod in yr pocket…?

Best review of the year (so far) from Jason Chen at Gizmodo: Spykee the Skype Robot Gets Three Friends With iPod Dock Crotches Spykee, the built-it-yourself Skype robot, just got three different models that you can build him...

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Social Networks and Voice (VOIP)

Thanks to Dean Collins of Mexuar for this:Voipify your website:User generated text content/forums are fine but to jump forward into the next generation of ‘interactive’ communities progressive websites are...

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Trouble for the carriers

I haven’t read anything of Stan Beer’s in a while: Zune and Wi-Fi versus iPhone and carriers?When you hear news that a consortium that includes Microsoft, Google, HP, Dell and Intel, among others has filed to submit...

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Virtual World Shopping

Overtures of Philip K. Dick I believe: Continuing what’s becoming a Springwise theme, another brand has popped up in the virtual realm of Second Life. This time it’s Telus, Canada’s second largest telco, who...

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Spanish VOIP

PeerMe announced today:Announcing the availability of the Spanish version, Tom Lasater, founder and CEO of PeerMe said “With the availability of the Spanish version of PeerMe, we can now supply three out of four of all...

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