Consumer as ISP – Broadband Australia 08

Social Network Telecommunications view presentation (tags: open-mesh fon telecommunications to) Whew, I just got home from presenting on Social Network Telecommunications – the Consumer as ISP at Broadband Australia 2008 conference. Anyway, I thought I’d take you through the slides (above), which develop further my other open mesh blog posts. The First Bit (up to…

MacDonalds , MySpace UGC

MacDonalds Chant Off. User Generated Content is a horrid term, how about we use Consumer Generated Media? Or even better, People Creating Stuff. From New York Times: The year was 1974: gas prices were high, inflation was rampant and an unpopular Republican occupied the White House. McDonald’s introduced a spirit-lifting jingle: “Two all beef patties,…


AIMIA – Please Get Social (Media)

Another Social Networking evening *pats AIMIA on the head* poor loves. 🙂 AIMIA connects interactive agencies with interactive agencies – a nice niche network. They pull their speakers and their content and their relationships from this small pool to offer to their events and networking evenings with drinkies. One ends up up hearing what one…

Advertising Agency Awards??!!

Synopsis. Cannes viral video award was won by Speed Undressing – and mightily pissed off the “client” JC Penney. Agency User Generated Content Anyone? (AUGC) I wrote earlier about Save Our Advertising: speak up, get with it, get engaged with the online community, connect. And I’m speaking to the advertising agencies themselves, not their clients….

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