Web 2.0 is a bust – Advertising doesn’t work

NewsFlash! From 24/7 Wall Street Social Networks Don’t Work For Advertisers: Web 2.0 Is A Bust (GOOG)(TWX)(NWS) Perhaps someone could have figured this out a year ago, Social networks like MySpace, owned by News Corp (NWS) and Facebook are poor targets for marketers. No wonder. A social network is a patch work of millions of…

Welcome AOL to Australia

Better late (20 years) than never, eh? AOL targets lucrative Aussie eyeballs SYDNEY: Australians are among the most lucrative online audiences in the world, said AOL’s international senior vice-president Phil Nelson, as the Time Warner subsidiary today (6 February) launched AOL Australia. I, for one, welcome our new OverLords. EDIT: Just been told it’s Austraia’s…

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