WotNews 2008: Our most important stories

WotNews wanted to put together stories of significance – not just reporting the main news from 2008 but asking a bunch of us what was most relevant to us personally. The list of people are:• David Liddy CEO, Bank of Queensland• Nicola Roxon, MP Federal Health Minister Ministerial page• Laurel Papworth, Social Network Strategist, World…

Ripple not Broadcast, WOMMA, Social Media Club

From David Armano – his diagram can explain a ton of different things. In this case, for me, distributing content through blogs not broadcast. I teach “Ripple Distribution” as part of social media marketing campaign courses. We (Chris Saad, Trib (Stephen Collins), badgergravling, jed white, were just having a discussion on Twitter broadcast and symbiotic…


Self obsessed journalists?

I’ve come in for a hammering from News.com.au lately. Fun Fun Fun. First we have Sandra Lee quoting me in the Sunday Telegraph: Self-obsessed bloggers caught up in the Net NOW here’s a surprise. People who update their Facebook or MySpace profiles every five minutes are egocentric narcissists who happen to double as attention-seeking extroverts….

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