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Facebook Eavesdropping and Spree Murders: Neomugicha Killings and Social Media

Social Media sites apparently are running AI software that listens to discussions and then can flag the discussion for monitoring. Is this a good or a bad thing? Facebook have caught one predator already. I remember a dozen years ago, a guy in Japan putting up a status update that he was going on a spree kill – and he did. What would you prefer? Civil Rights or Monitoring?

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Korea: Gary and Stephen Conroy

Gary (that would be Mr. SilkCharm to you. Heh.) Hayes is off to Korea with Minister for Broadband and Digital Economy, Stephen Conroy (Personalize Media): Gary Hayes will be speaking and representing LAMP and AFTRS at the The...

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Major security ‘bug’ on MySpace

I get a bit cross when basic standards of social networking aren’t adhered to, particularly when it comes to companies-who-should-know-better. Such as MySpace.Plus I’m always in trouble. I just muddle on, minding my...

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