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…I heard that Reeltime.tv was also a Perth based company (see prev. post). Probably the remoteness of it all. đŸ˜› However checking reeltime.tv website they list only a Melb and Syd address. So without naming names *points a...

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Wanna job in Online Communities?

Robert Andrews at Journalism.co.uk has a snippet on some jobs working with Citizen Murdoch. I’ll quote it in full as its only a wee thing:Rupert Murdoch’s News International is to embark on a big expansion of its...

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There’s Gold in Them There Rivers!

Fer Shame. Mr Murdoch from Newscorp talking to, I think, his son-in-law’s press paper thingie, is giving up already on his mastheads. Pffft.Rupert Murdoch has forecast a gloomy future for newspapers with the growth of the...

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Donations Please :p

I got me a lunch date (via ebay), but the price is a bit steep. Its for 4 people, so we could, y’know, maybe pay like 6 grand (ouch) each? Shame, I’d rather have lunch with Mr. M than Keanu, Harrison or Brad....

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