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Bimbo doll dead

Well, that just about makes my day :SIs it mean of me that I don’t want to save her? I haven’t fed my Neopet in about 3 years, what gives with these wussy Bimbo dolls?And whatever happened to building social network...

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Rituals: Be My Anti-Valentine

Don’t yell at me for this one, I just want to explain how social networks can take a real world ritual and turn it upside down – a la buying cards from an anti-Valentines Day site.Valentine’s Day is like...

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Laurel Papworth aka SilkCharm connects with 6.8 million people through social media each month and has 11,000 online students studying social media with her. Laurel was named by Forbes Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally and has taught Facebook, Blogging etc at the University of Sydney for 10 years. Laurel: About and Online Courses