Civility, Profiles on Newspaper blogs

This week’s Media Report (Radio National) is on ensuring civility on blogs and social networks. The page Listen Now Download The question we were asked to address was this: how do you encourage civility between commenters on your blog? Margaret Simons starts with a Taxonomy of Blog types. 1. Pamphleteering2. Digest3. Advocacy4. Speciality, niche5. Exhibition6….


Event: A day in the life of SilkCharm. – Enterprise 2.0 and Talkback events

OMG. Oh. My. God. If anyone ever asks you to chair a conference DON’T DO IT! Seriously. It’s really hard work! (And we’ve already established that I’m lazy). I’m involved with a Enterprise 2.0 conference at the Crowne Plaza and we’ve got about 12 speakers per day. My job is to introduce the speakers –…

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