Public Relations becomes Community Relations – Social Media

Public relations agencies will shift from managing clients to managing communities. The community will rely on them to bring them deals, and trial products, and fun campaigns. The PR people will embrace and love their new “client” and do great deals for them with Companies. PR people will enjoy this very much. And they’ll be happier and smilier for it. Heh.

Twitter: Haiku and London Train Station Kingsplace

Your mission – go to the social network Twitter, write a haiku about English summer (or their approximation there of), tweet it, with the hashtag (label) of #kingsplace.  From Kinsgplace website: Twitter Welcome to the Great British Summer Haiku Competition! Dear Visitor, Kings Place has teamed up with Network Rail to create the world’s first…


Australia Social Media: crisis-communication-and-bushfire-emergencies

If you are looking to download Social Media and PR Crisis Communication courseware for your workshops, it’s here.  I’m watching 4 Corners program on the Marysville bushfires. It’s so upsetting that I’m tearing up. But more than that I’m cross – the poor warning systems is disgusting. Stuff like the sirens to call the firefighters…

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