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Social Media Call To Action: Bullied on a Bus

When Karen Huff (senior citizen) was bullied on a bus, the guy Max Sidorov that found the video on Facebook, reposted it to Indiegogo (a social fundraising site) and named and shamed the school involved. He wanted to raise money for Karen to have a vacation – well, $600,000 dollars later (and still a month to go), Karen will get a vacation of a lifetime!

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Bank Transfer Day

One woman, Kristen, got miffed with banks and created Bank Transfer Day, November 5th 2011 which led to 600,000 people changing their bank to a credit union, 16% of business loans shifting to Mutuals/Credit Unions. Ariana Huffington has started MoveYourMoney and others are following suit. Any bets as to when the banks start fighting back a la Fox News and Media?

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Job: Build Twitter Following

Scriptlance is a job auction slash project management site; You post up the job you want done – a website created, graphic design of a logo or editing of a document – and the members bid to do the work. Project...

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Apple hijacks eBay site

I’m assuming it’s hackers at Apple, because if it’ s a co-branding thing, it’s just bloody rude and disrespectful to the customer. STEPS: Go to ebay.com.au Type in iPhone – like thisĀ  hit return....

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Blog to be heard

From Sunday Star Times on Stuff.co.nz – and I’m gonna say up front: there is no point being a prophet if you do not use every means available to be heard, and understood.Wayne Lachore… … emerged from the...

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Australia: Kellogg vs Customers

Australia: social network and peer to peer activist group online for parents.Peer to peer support groups are all very well, but what happens when they get organised and take out advertising on TV naming and shaming your company...

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