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WowOWow Women on the Web

Candice Bergen, Joan Juliet Buck, Whoopi Goldberg, Marlo Thomas, Lily Tomlin, Joan Cooney, Judith Martin, Sheila Nevins, Julia Reed and Jane Wagner – The Women on the WebWowOwow launches on Saturday.Which women would you...

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Awesome video on Viral Marketing

4 days, 1/2 million hits later. Hat Tip: Dean Collins in New York. How many of these memes do you know? Test yourself – and be amazed at how much time you have wasted online in the last couple of years, checking this stuff...

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About Laurel

Laurel Papworth aka SilkCharm connects with 6.8 million people through social media each month and has 11,000 online students studying social media with her. Laurel was named by Forbes Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally and has taught Facebook, Blogging etc at the University of Sydney for 10 years. Laurel: About and Online Courses