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TV: Joost and the Advertisers

The picture has nothing to do with anything, I just thought it was funny. :PLatest Joost press release in all it’s glory:Advertising innovators embrace Joostâ„¢ Thirty-two blue-chip advertisers on board for launch New York...

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Exploding Brands

Ben McConnell and Jackie Huba have a superbly titled blog called Church of the Customer Blog. It’s at customerevangelists.typepad.com. Have a lookee at this bloglet Mentos and Diet Coke Chances are you’ve probably...

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Consumer generated advertising

I’ve had a quick look around for the best of the best of consumer ads. Here’s my pick:The Tiger Woods/Nike ad by Joseph Jaffe.I created it on my laptop and apologies for not being able to insert the swoosh at the...

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Ingame advertising platform

Demonware announces targeted ingame advertising solutions:The Dynamic Network Advertising (DNA) platform has been created to satisfy growing industry demands for precise, individually tailored advertising solutions, targeting a...

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Laurel Papworth aka SilkCharm connects with 6.8 million people through social media each month and has 11,000 online students studying social media with her. Laurel was named by Forbes Magazine in the Top 50 Social Media Influencers globally and has taught Facebook, Blogging etc at the University of Sydney for 10 years. Laurel: About and Online Courses