Experiential Economy: Social Media Business Podcast

What is “the experience economy” – is it the next step on from agrarian, commodity, service…? How does value – and therefore money, currency – shift when people are more willing to pay for intangible experiences than physical goods? Can we monetize something in our minds? The first episode of my new podcast, Social Media Business, looks at revenue stream associated with providing your online community or social networks with a real world experience such as a meetup, conference or party.


Malaysia: Social Media and Facebook numbers

There’s a great article in The Star (Malaysia) by David Gibson of Inter-Asia. Malaysian Internet users like Facebook, Myspace, and Friendster. They’re also connecting via Twitter, LindedIn and Plaxo, and eBlogger. They use resources such as Slideshare, iTunes, Flickr, and YouTube.  Nine of the Top 20 websites in Malaysia are social networking sites, and the…

Free Event: with co-founder of MySpace

Wanna spend an afternoon on social media, social networks, revenue and marketing? Join Adknowledge / Digital Media and discover how to build your brand through social media. The digital tipping point – The future of branding and social media Brett Brewer (President of Adknowledge & Co-founder of Myspace) “Who killed Traditional Media” Brian Garret (Crosscut…

Generations of Fear

Big news on Slashdot today: theodp writes “Confirming paranoid high-schoolers’ fears, a new Kaplan survey reveals that 10% of admissions officers from prestigious schools said they had peeked at sites like Facebook and MySpace to evaluate college-bound seniors. Of those using the profiles, 38% said it had a ‘negative impact’ on the applicant. ‘Today’s application…

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