Telstra NBN – Goodbye copper networks

Looking back over copper networks – now finished if Telstra and NBN heads of agreement goes ahead as planned. Telstra has done a deal with National Broadband Network Co (or a heads of agreement which is not quite the same thing).But one thing that is clear, or was, after a bit of a Twitter discussion: that copper is no more. The thingie that ran our phone networks for hundreds of years (ok, last century) is being put out to pasture, retired, taken out.

Cyberbullying and blogs – a case study Mumbrella -social media

The 13 attributes of cyberbullying: What is a cyberbully? Can adults really be bullied by pixels? Surely it’s a case of sticks and stones? Or should we speak up? Would you support a cyberbully by advertising on Mumbrella’s site? Would you hire Tim Burrowes of Mumbrella to speak at your events or pay to attend events he is chairing? Or is this just “acceptable” competitive behaviour by someone who see’s himself as my competitor in the social media space? If you saw him bullying would you walk away, laugh at the ‘fun and games’, be too scared to get involved?


Australia: Industry Head, Social Media

Marketing Magazine name Industry Head of Social Media for Australia. What is an Industry? What is an Influencer? What commodity does social media create, to make an industry? Kate Kendall (@KateKendall) from Marketing Magazine approached me a little while ago to write a piece on the “state of the social media industry”. I hunkered down…

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