Optus myZoo Beta

Martin Dalgleish of PBL was chatting on at CBD Hotel the other night. He recommended we go have a look at beta.optuszoo.com.au – the JV between Optus and NineMSN. In lieu of anything else to do – well, I have to cook some sausages, but they can wait – I’m over there right now. Multitasking…

What am I up to?

Good question. Up to no good, no doubt! The University of Sydney’s Centre for Continuing Education Spring Guide came out yesterday. In there, you’ll note, I’m teaching two courses – you might be interested. The first one is in the Professional Development area (Marketing, Sales and Events). On the 20th October in fact: Marketing into…

My Slogan

Gentle readers, I need a slogan for my website that will be going up in about 4 weeks. That’s four weeks to learn PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver, Photoshop. Four weeks to design a concept and get creative (I failed at making mud pies). Four weeks to write up content and tell the world what I do….

Birthday Girl

Yep that’s right, tomorrow is my birthday (24 March). So y’all have to 1. Click on the picture, 2. colour it in, 3. post it to your fave online community and 4. wish me happy birthday there. OkidokiArtichoki? Technorati Tags Online Communities, Laurel Papworth, Birthday

Web 2.0 Online Community

When I get time (later in the week probably) I’ll simply have to submit WireClub.com to the “Laurel Papworth Online Community Worthiness Test”. At first pass its pretty good. Totally collaborative main portal page, a newbie tour, aggregation of chat rooms, social networks, fotos and blogs, clubs, dating service and so on and so forth….

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