Heritage Hartigan attacks everyday Australian readers

John Hartigan, chief of News Corp Australian office went on the attack today. It might be just me, but the whole thing reeks of the newspaper ship sinking and an angry captain not making any sense. From Duncan Riley’s The Inquisitr: Almost anyone can start one of these sites, with very little capital, no training…

WotNews 2008: Our most important stories

WotNews wanted to put together stories of significance – not just reporting the main news from 2008 but asking a bunch of us what was most relevant to us personally. The list of people are:• David Liddy CEO, Bank of Queensland• Nicola Roxon, MP Federal Health Minister Ministerial page• Laurel Papworth, Social Network Strategist, World…

Civility, Profiles on Newspaper blogs

This week’s Media Report (Radio National) is on ensuring civility on blogs and social networks. The page Listen Now Download The question we were asked to address was this: how do you encourage civility between commenters on your blog? Margaret Simons starts with a Taxonomy of Blog types. 1. Pamphleteering2. Digest3. Advocacy4. Speciality, niche5. Exhibition6….

How to Moderate a Forum

Quick and easy Moderating tips, for some people who have been asking lately. 1. ETIQUETTE STATEMENTneeds a whole lot of behavioural statements (play nicely) but the most important ones are: The Moderators word is final, do not discuss bans or penalties on the forum. If you have a question regarding a penalty, please email the…

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