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WOMMA – wrong

I’m not very cross with WOMMA but I do think it’s important to remind them occasionally – not enough to harass, just occasionally – that they are wrong in disallowing anyone who is not an agency to join:...

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Jouney to Jeddah: Homeward Bound

Last night: The Sun sinking into the Red SeaJust a quick post – last hour in the hotel here at Jeddah. Then heading to the airport – women aren’t meant to be travelling alone, so this could be interesting.I...

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Women in Business: Behind the Veil

Sitting in my hotel room in Jeddah, trying to resist the lure of waffles with strawberries. Found this article in Gulf Business magazine: Behind the VeilTo the average observer in the West, women in the Middle East are a...

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Journey to Jeddah – Day One

(Background to the “New Arab Woman’s” project)Well two things happened. One was before I even got to Saudi Arabia.I arrived in Dubai airport and realised my Nokia 95 wasn’t picking up a service provider....

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