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Apple hijacks eBay site

I’m assuming it’s hackers at Apple, because if it’ s a co-branding thing, it’s just bloody rude and disrespectful to the customer. STEPS: Go to ebay.com.au Type in iPhone – like this  hit return....

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Take the Quiz!

Take the Quiz!What kind of information technology user are you? Take the Internet Typology Test to see where you fit.A short version of our daily tracking survey is available online. To share your input, please take our poll.Pew...

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Is that an iPod in yr pocket…?

Best review of the year (so far) from Jason Chen at Gizmodo: Spykee the Skype Robot Gets Three Friends With iPod Dock Crotches Spykee, the built-it-yourself Skype robot, just got three different models that you can build him...

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Press: Computerworld article (me!)

Hiya, if you are interested here is Liz Tay of Computerworld take on a presentation I gave the AIIA a few weeks ago: The Web 2.0 advertising machineIt’s time to bust the myths that are holding back potential online marketersIf...

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Trouble for the carriers

I haven’t read anything of Stan Beer’s in a while: Zune and Wi-Fi versus iPhone and carriers?When you hear news that a consortium that includes Microsoft, Google, HP, Dell and Intel, among others has filed to submit...

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Myth #3 – Radio is dead

… it ain’t. Well this was a myth I subscribed to, until this morning, so from this demographic of 1 (albeit an important 1!) I thought I’d share my findings.Although I’ve been following Helen...

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Zune’ing around.

We love Jim Benson. Yes we do.We’re Gonna Zune Zune Zune ah ZuneI guess I don’t understand what a Launch is. Techmeme is abuzz today about Microsoft “Launching” their iPod called Zune. But you can’t...

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