Part 1: Target Audiences: Social Media Strategy for Finserv

Executive Summary: While a Business Strategy for Finance starts with the organisation’s purpose and goals, a social media strategy MUST start with the customer/client/stakeholder target audience. If you don’t start with how the platforms work, you will end up in verticals (products/services) instead of horizontals (target audience) and the whole thing gets very messy, very fast. Let’s look at psychographics, story types, and custom/lookalike/preferred audiences for financial services!

Social Lending – peer to peer banking in Australia

Well, this sucks. From AsiaMedia. AUSTRALIA: Web 2.0? Don’t bank on it just yet Australian banks won’t provide latest online financial services, such as wikis or peer-to-peer lending, due to lack of infrastructure and low retention rates of skilled IT staff AUSTRALIAN bank infrastructure is “not robust enough” to deliver secure web 2.0 banking and…

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