Influencers- Friend or Stranger?

Do you listen more to strangers or to friends? When it comes to social media and the influencer who wins – those you know but aren’t experts or those you don’t know who are? Digg has changed it’s social networking strategy from spotlighting key influencers who “digg” a lot of articles to collect followers (crowd gatherers) to news from your friends. The savvy Public Relations social media advocate is planning campaigns based around our mates, not celebrity Twitterati/Bloggerati, no?

Australia etc: Social network Social media statistics

Some random stuff: | View | Upload your own Thanks TechCrunch! Then Australian Internet Usage (mentioned before, announced at ad:tech sydney): AUSSIE INTERNET USAGE OVERTAKES TV VIEWING FOR THE FIRST TIME– Australian consumers approaching point of media ‘saturation’– Aussies clocking up over 84 hours per week in media usage Sydney, 18 March 2008— The amount…

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