MediaSnacker? Binger of Takeaway networks or Fine Dining?

Or would that be Bingr? (As in Flickr and Snappr). This from John Johnston: Respecting The Snacker Do I respect the media snacker? Hmmm, that’s a good question. It has been asked of me by Connie Reece, and was first posed by Jeremiah Owyang. So what is a media snacker? Jeremiah has defined media snackers…

Social Networks and Voice (VOIP)

Thanks to Dean Collins of Mexuar for this: Voipify your website:User generated text content/forums are fine but to jump forward into the next generation of ‘interactive’ communities progressive websites are implementing Mexuar Corraleta for 24×7 live voice chat sessions….browse to your favourite football teams web site and talk real time with anyone else visiting the…

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