Paywall for and Online Community Social Media

As tomorrow is an historic day – The Australian and other sites move behind the paywall – what WILL we pay for, what SHOULD we pay for and what OTHER revenues streams are being missed by refusal to build online communities around their content? A few nights ago, I went to the bloggers/Twitterers…

Unethical Media Behavior

How strange! I was reading Stilgherrian‘s rant – or, open letter – to traditional journalists: Dear Journalists, how can you spout all that stuff about “standards” and then go back to your mucky business? Oh, that’s right. You’re a proper journalist. It’s all the others… Actually, I know why you’re so bitter about “those bloggers”….


Australia: Social Media Freelance Journalism

| View | Upload your own My presentation slides to Freelance Journalists Group (80 or so) last night – you can flick through the slides by clicking. As I mentioned earlier, I was invited to talk to The Sydney Freelance Journalists Group (MEAA)Basically the slides focus on blogs as content, facebook/digg as distribution, twitter as…

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