Event: A day in the life of SilkCharm. – Enterprise 2.0 and Talkback events

OMG. Oh. My. God. If anyone ever asks you to chair a conference DON’T DO IT! Seriously. It’s really hard work! (And we’ve already established that I’m lazy). I’m involved with a Enterprise 2.0 conference at the Crowne Plaza and we’ve got about 12 speakers per day. My job is to introduce the speakers –…

EVENT: Consumer Congress – ACMA & Communications Alliance

A month or so ago, I spoke at WebJam about how frustrating it was that organisations setting the agenda for social networks are industry-based (e.g. media and advertising) and that very few are protecting everyday users/members. Add to that, none of these industry groups really provide an online community for their members (industry or otherwise)…

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