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Australia: Internet Filter Protest

Please place your foto on Flickr, use tag nocleanfeed so I can find it HERE. Lots of brouhaha at the moment over the internet filters. As opposition grows against the Government’s controversial plan to censor the internet,...

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Canada’s Navy

Ok, ok, I’m not the brightest star in the sky, but I don’t get this:… in the immortal words of our beloved Pauline Hanson: Please Explain? Why is it funny?Tags: Humour, social media, canada’s navy,...

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Myth #3 – Radio is dead

… it ain’t. Well this was a myth I subscribed to, until this morning, so from this demographic of 1 (albeit an important 1!) I thought I’d share my findings.Although I’ve been following Helen...

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BBC online communities

The Beeb is getting in on the act: BBC boosting online communitiesNetwork to create social networking sitesBy STEVE CLARKELONDON — The BBC is jumping on the social networking bandwagon as commercial arm BBC Worldwide looks...

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A little bit of sedition

The New York Times tried to block British subscribers from reading online articles about the airline terror suspects due to British court laws. It won’t work because there’s waaaaay too many aggregators blogging on...

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Virtual World Shopping

Overtures of Philip K. Dick I believe: Continuing what’s becoming a Springwise theme, another brand has popped up in the virtual realm of Second Life. This time it’s Telus, Canada’s second largest telco, who...

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GiveMeaning and CSR

I’m mad keen on online communities being used for philanthropic ventures. CSRwire is the Corporate Social Responsibility NewsWire Service.GiveMeaning Introduces GivingProfiles, a New Way to Showcase Corporate Social...

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