THIS FRIDAY! There are two places left on Friday’s Web 2.0 – Facebook, blogs and marketing course that I teach at the University of Sydney, Centre for Continuing Education (Professional Development)

Social Media Audit – finding and listening to what’s going on. How not to be overwhelmed
Engaging with bloggers. Blogging, using social media for PR and marketing. One to many channel etc.
What is Facebook to marketers – few to few, gated community.
Ripple distribution of content and discussions.
Monitoring your campaign.
Oh and probably some statistics, setting metrics and analytics.

Good news is, you get a Uni Sydney Certificate for the day’s course. Bad news is, you have to put up with me and my bad jokes. All day. Ah well, you have the weekend to recover šŸ™‚

Anyway, got to go, got another course to teach tomorrow on creative collaboration open source tools online. Not locked down content like blogs but truly editable group content for teams and such. Rich media and yummy things. But it’s gone 10:30pm here – I’ll be needing a nanna nap tomorrow arvo if I don’t go to bed soon.