1. Yes we can, that’s great. What did we get? A campaign ripped from New Labour and a lightning bolt of an idea in rhyming his name with the year. I don’t know that this sort of thing could get off the ground here, let alone fly or inspire people, one can always hope though.

  2. You missed the point – not much has happened in Australia with positive mashups of political speeches. Nothing about the message at all.

    GetUp does it’s level best to try and control the discussion (which won’t work for much longer) and most others aren’t even trying to get involved.

    I love the work Will.I.Am did, and it IS inspirational – but would still vote for Ron Paul (Republican) if they let Australians vote. Which they should as US policy impacts us mightily (our soldiers in Afghanistan anyone? ) At least Ron Paul would be articulate, erudite, witty and entertaining when inflicted on the rest of us as the Leader of the Free World.

  3. Oops it was me that missed the point. You are right, we need an original message passionately delivered before we can be bothered creating user gen around it. *huggles* I’ll shut up now 🙂

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