Who knew?

Affluent Americans with annual household incomes of $100K or more read an average of eight publication titles, while the average number of issues they read is 17.9. Among the super-rich (those with incomes more than $250K), however, the number of issues read jumps to 25.5.

Similarly, the average number of hours all affluent heads-of-house spend weekly on the internet is 23.4, while the super rich spend 27.4 hours a week surfing.

Barron’s, The Wall Street Journal, National Geographic, Cooking Light, Time and Sports Illustrated are among the publications that have the highest per-issue audiences among the affluent. (read more here)

I have only two things to say: one is that I am clearly living the lifestyle of the rich and famous and two, which site do you think Paris Hilton and crowd spend their 27.4 hours per week on? A Small World maybe?

The average number of weekly hours spent TV-watching among all affluent heads-of-house is 19.5, while the super-rich spend 17.8 hours in front of the TV.

.. .watching ” A Simple Life” no doubt. Or The Apprentice with Trump.